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Naxalism Or Left Wing Extremism

Hi friends, I think you all might have heard about these terms somewhere. But have you ever given a deep thought into these connotations. Do you know, that our large number of paramilitary forces are being slained by these naxalites. Today, the main threat is not from the terrorism (cross-border) but mainly from the Naxalism.
Before going into the details about this, I would like to introduce or make you familiar by giving some basic information about this. First of all its an ideology; which is the extreme form of socialism; started from theNaxalbari district of West Bengal(India) and later on, engulfed the other areas like Bihar, Eastern U.P, Jharkand , Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, some parts of Karnatka and Maharastra and the most important about this movement is that it is not led by a single leader. Sometimes we also call it as maoism. This maoism was the brainchild of Maozedong of China. Other prominent Maoist leaders include Prachanda in Nepal, Kishanji (died) in India etc.
But now the question is why these people are agitating and what are their demands. For this we have to search into the pages of history. Primarily all these naxalites were laborer’s in the Past. The local zamindars took over the land of these laborer’s and they became forced laborers and their exploitation started and with the passage of time, these people started protesting against the landlords. Their miseries were not limited to this only. We call it as an irony that they did not get the benefit of poor administration. Tribals also get their association with this and now they are not ready to give their land because there is no other option left for them to take on their living or for their survival. Later on, it took the shape of an ideology-equal society, no rich-no poor and with a bit of time they moved away from their goal and now work against the government with no clear cut target and also got divided into many fractions.
The “greyhound” initiative taken up by the CRPF Personnel led to the large scale brutal killing of these naxalities. Countries like China are also providing arms and ammunition to them to play their dirty tactics. Here we require a sound foreign policy.
Don’t you think that they the real culprits?? Actually, we are also responsible for this bcoz we are not making well-coordinated efforts to curb it like we are having paramilitaryforces in Home Ministry, Development under the Rural ministry and Police under the state government…sometimes statePolice works in favor of Naxalites because they thought that these Paramilitary forces are only in the Naxalite area for 2-3 years, after that they got transferred but they[ state police] have to live with the Naxalites, so what the need to make them[naxalite] their own enemy for the future course. In simple words, we can say that there is a lack of coordination and policy making.
But like any other problem, we are also having some points which could be helpful in the reformation tasks. This multidimensional problem requires multidimensional solution. Here we need the coordinated efforts of all stakeholders or agencies (ministries, forces).Development is the key issue which we should work on. Improving law and order is the basic requirement. Peace talk with the Naxalites with the help of a mediator but it should be on fair conditions.
The dirtiest part here is that some states supported the naxal movement like Jharkhand because they don’t want their coal reserves being taken over by the central government.
Today, everyone has the freedom of speech and expression and to profess any ideology but it should be without weapons and violence. Meaning, if Naxalites want to popularize their ideas, they should contest the election win the seats and popularize their ideas. The foul play politicians should stop misinterpreting the problem for their own benefit.
Actually we all are passing the ball from one court to other without thinking of the fact that ball is in our Courts. Don’t you think? For this I want your views to share with me on this platform.


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